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Year : 2004
Project Title: Damaging fracture mechanism, micro and macro mechanics of fissured rock under seepage pressure
Project leader: Prof. Zhu Zhende

Project Title: Rheological study of rock fill and soft soil
Project leader: Prof. Ying Zongze

Project Title: Strength and deformation study of EPS mixed lightweight soil under dynamic loading
Project leader: Prof. Gao Yufeng

Year: 2003

Project Title: Role of pore-water transfer on solidification mechanism of dredging sludge
Project leader: Prof. Zhu Wei

Project Title: Creep and microstructure study of soft soil under vacuum preloading
Project leader: Prof. Liu Hanlong

Year: 2002
Project Title: Continuous and dynamic change of microstructure of clay under compression
Project leader: Prof. Hong Baoning
Year: 2001
Project Title: Energy transfer thermal source method and tracer theory for seepage of fissured rock
Project leader: Prof. Chen Jiansheng
Year: 2000
Project Title: Effect of lateral expansion and anisotropy on stress and deformation of concrete face rock-fill dam
Project leader: Prof. Ying Zongze
Year: 1999

Project Title: Seepage and stress coupled back analysis of rock
Project leader: Prof. Wang Yuan

Project Title: Large deformation of sand due to liquefaction
Project leader
: Prof. Liu Hanlong

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