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Development and Structure the Research Center

The 21st century is an international and cooperative era characterized by advanced science and technology. In recent years, Hohai University has paid more attention to international cooperation using the experience of successful international education. The China-Dutch Project on Water Resources Education and Water Management is a good example, which started in November 1999 and the final symposium was hold in November 2003 with great achievements.

As a member on that project, Prof Liu, Hanlong, the Director of GeoHohai has the opportunities to visit the Delft University of Technology in 2000 and 2003. Due to introduction by Mr. Zhang, GeoHohais staff, who was doing his Science research at GeoDelft at that time, Prof Liu visited GeoDelft, founded in 1934, which is one of the oldest and most re-known institutes on geotechnical engineering in the world. GeoDelft and TU Delft, active in the field of civil and hydraulic engineering, have combined forces to form Delft Cluster with the other four knowledge institutes, i.e. UNESCO-IHE, Delft Hydraulics etc.

Mr. Piet Lubking, the Senior Consultant at Strategic Research Department of GeoDelft, is Mr. Zhangs supervisor. Prof Liu discussed with him the possibility for bilateral cooperation. First, he was invited to give a presentation on soft soil improvement technique at GeoDelft. After that, Prof Liu had several pleasant meetings together with Mr. Joost Wentink, the Director of GeoDelft, discussing about our future cooperation. Finally a primary agreement were signed on the following issues: Exchange of Visiting Delegations, Exchange of Visiting Scholars, Financial Arrangement, and Organization, which is named the China-Dutch Cooperative Research Center for Geoenviromental Engineering. The main cooperative subjects are as follows:

1. Geoenvironmental subjects on dealing with contaminated soil (i.e. detection, treatment, monitoring and control) and the design of wasted landfills.

2. Soft soil field investigation and soft soil improvement methods and concepts, also including monitoring systems for special and / or large scale projects.

3. Development and application of geotechnical software.

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