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Agreement for Academic Collaboration Between  

GeoDelft, the Netherlands and GeoHohai, China  

May 27 2003  

The GeoDelft of the Netherlands and the GeoHohai of Hohai University, China hereby sign an agreement for academic collaboration for the special purpose of promoting academic exchange and research cooperation between two parties.  

1. Exchange of Visiting Delegations  

The two parties will organize meetings and visit to identify specific areas for academic cooperation. The number of participating members, and the time and venue of meeting will be determined in future upon mutual agreement.

2. Exchange of Visiting Scholars  

The two parties will send or invite senior researchers to conduct seminars, to supervise research students, to train researchers, to participate in research projects of mutual interest.

3 . Propagation  

The two parties have responsibility and obligation to propagate each other in the possible international academic and/or intercommunion occasions.


4. Organization

A new organization named the China-Dutch Cooperative Research Center for Geoenviromental Engineering will be established for the collaboration, the principal is taken by the two parties directors, and two secretaries are appointed for each side.  


5. Financial Arrangement  

Both parties will be responsible for providing necessary living support for their visitors conforming to the regulations and practice of the host-institute. Any costs incurred from travel, either international or domestic, will be borne by the visiting team or member. When at GeoHohai, the cost of local accommodation and living expenses will be borne by GeoHohai, whereas at GeoDelft, the cost of local accommodation and living expenses will be borne by GeoDelft. However, In case of the visiting is related to a project, all the expense may be covered by the project budget.  


6. Others  

The agreement shall remain in force for five years, After the initial five year period, this agreement may be renewed by mutual consent. Any amendment and/or modification to the agreement shall require written approval from both parties. Either party reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon six months notice.  

Signed by                                   Signed by  

Joost J. wentink                              Liu Hanlong  

Managing Director                            Director & professor  

GeoDelft                                    GeoHohai  

The Netherlands                              Hohai University, China  

Date:                                              Date:  

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